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Indian Freedom Fighter Ammu Swaminathan Biography
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Ammu Swaminathan was the well-known social and political activist of India.

Ammu Swaminathan was born on 1894 in the Palghat district of Kerala.

Ammu Swaminathan was the youngest daughter of Govinda Menon. Ammu Swaminathan married to a famous Barrister at the age of only 13.

Ammu Swaminathan  received formal education mostly from her husband. Ammu Swaminathan became the follower of Mahatma Gandhi and joined Indian independence movement.

Ammu Swaminathan was one of the few women members in the Constituent Assembly of India. After independence she was elected as the member of Rajya Sabha from Madras State.

Ammu Swaminathan was sent to Ethiopia, China, USA, USSR as an ambassador of India.

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