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Indian Freedom Fighter Asaf Ali Biography
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Asaf Ali was a well-known political leader of India and was the member of the Muslim National Party.

Asaf Ali , Indian political actist who became prominent during Gandhi`s Quit India Movement of 1942.  Asaf Ali was born in 1888.  Asaf Ali  graduated from St. Stephen`s College, Delhi. After that he moved to England to obtain a degree in Law.

Asaf Ali  returned to India and joined Indian independence movement. Asaf Ali was the member of Muslim Nationalist Party. In 1935 Asaf Ali was elected in the Central Legislative Assembly. Asaf Ali was re-elected as a congress candidate and served as the Deputy Leader of the Congress Party in the Assembly.

In 1946 Asaf Ali was appointed as the minister of the Railways and Transport in the interim Government of India. Asaf Ali was sent to USA as the first ambassador from India.

After returning from USA he served four years as the Governor of Orissa. Asaf Ali died of a heart attack in Berne in 1953.

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