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Current Books and Authors in India 2011

S.No. Books Name Author Name
1 Human Rights and Law – Bonded Labour in India Ramesh Kumar Tiwari
2 Behind the Times Bachi Karkaria
3 Surviving against Odds – The Marginalised in a Globalising World Debal K.Singha Roy
4 MI6 – The History of the Secret Intelligence Service Keith Jeffery
5 Building From The Bottom – Infrastructure and Poverty Alleviation Sameer Kochhar, M. Ramachandran
6 Heterogeneities – Identity Formations in Modern India Pradip Kumar Datta
7 Human Rights, Inhuman Wrongs – State of Governance in Tribal Regions Vidhya Das
8 Indian Cinema – The Faces Behind The Masks Anil Saari
9 Unmentionables Ralph Keyes
10 Atlantic – A Vast Ocean of a Million Stories Simon Winchester
11 The Year of High Treason Vithal Rajan
12 Urban Planning And Governance A New Paradigm’ by AK Jain
13 Socialist Register 2011 – The Crisis This Time by Leo Panitch, Greg Albo, Vivek Chibber
14 The K-Word – Make Peace Not War Alka Kumar
15 Pakistan Terrorism Ground Zero Rohan Tunaratna, Khuram Iqbal
16 Chanakya’s Chant Ashwin Sanghi
17 What it Means to be a Muslim in India Today Shabnam Hashmi
18 Shadow Warriors Sreedev Mukherjee
19 I.K. Gujral Matters of Discretion
20 Ethnonationalism in India – A Reader Sanjib Barua
21 Asian Film Journeys – Selections from Cinemaya Rashmi Doraiswamy and Latika Padgaonkar
22 The World Bank in India – Undermining Sovereignty, Distorting Development Michele Kelley, Deepika D’Souza
23 Only Time will Tell Jeffrey Archer
24 Urban Governance in India – Emerging Challenges in Liberalised Era Om Mahala
25 Women Empowerment – Synchronising the Gender Power Jasprit Kaur Soni
26 The Life of Gautama Buddha N.C. Panda
27 Asian Film Journeys : Selections from Cinemaya Rashmi Doraiswamy, Latika Padgaonkar
28 Limited Wars In South Asia Maj. Gen GD Bakshi ( Retd )
29 Ballistic Missile Defence – Frontier of the 21st Century Wing Commander Anand Sharma
30 Great Soul : Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle With India Joseph Lelyveld
31 A on Bt Cotton in India : Answers to More Than 85 Questions T.M. Manjunath
32 Inside Wikileaks : My Time with Julian Assange at the World’s Most Dangerous Website Daniel Domscheit-Berg
33 Political Economy of Production and Reproduction – Caste, Custom and Community in North India Prem Chowdhry
34 The Indian Parliament – A Democracy at Work BL Shankar, Valerian Rodrigues
35 In the Shadows of the State – Indigenous Politics, Environmentalism and Insurgency in Jharkhand Alpa Shah
36 Tripura’s Bravehearts – A Police Success Story of Counterinsurgency BL Vohra
37 The Face you were Afraid to see : Essays on the Indian Economy Ait Bhaduri
38 Grit, Guts and Gumption: Driving change in a state – owned giant Rajesh Chakrabarti
39 The Folded Earth Anuradha Roy
40 Environmental Encounters in South Asia Deepak Kumar & Vinita Damodaran
41 India Social Development Report 2010 : The Land Question and the Marginalised Manoranjan Mohanty
42 Social Legislation of the East India Company Nancy Gardnmer Cassels
43 All and Nothing Raksha Bharadia
44 Educational Trends and Development among Muslims of India Mukhtar Ahmad Makki
45 Perspectives in Social Foundations of Education K.P. Pandey
46 Federalism and Fiscal Transfers in India C. Rangarajan, D.K. Srivastava
47 Handbook of Psychology in India Girishwar Misra
48 Hand of Destiny : Vol. III – Eventful Decades C. Subramaniam
49 Zapata – The Ideology of a Peasant Revolutionary Robert P. Millon
50 A Dreamer of Freedom – A Historical Play About 1857 Indian War of Independence Basavaraj Naikar
51 Environment Change and National Security Manoj Kumar
52 Rethinking Towards Post Rational Architecture Modernity Jaimini Mehta
53 Contested Spaces – Citizenship and Belonging in Contemporary Times ( edited ) Meenakshi Thapan
54 The History of Brahmans and Brahmanism in India – Part I PK Arasakumar
55 Justice Disgraced Baldev Singh
56 Adult Education – Myths and Realities Rameshwari Pandya & Richa Kapoor
57 The World Parliament of Religions, 1893 Lakshmi Niwas Jhunjhunwala
58 Pollution, Untouchability and Harijans Yasumasa Sekine
59 Maritime Security – The Unlawful Dimension Prabhakaran Paleri
60 Arming Without Aiming – India’s Military Modernisation Stephen P. Cohen, Sunil Dasgupta
61 Indian Philosophy And Its Social Concern Sharada Subramaniam and Rani PL.
62 Dalit Assertion In Society, Literature And History ( Edited ) Imtiaz Ahmad, Shashi Bhushan Upadhyay
63 The Intolerant Indian : Why we must rediscover a liberal space Gautam Adhikari
64 Bismarck : A Life Jonathan Steinberg
65 Consumer India : Inside The Indian Mind And Wallet dheeraj Sinha
66 The Popcorn Essayists ( Edited ) Jai Arjun Singh
67. Indian Aircraft Industry Air Commodore Jasjit Singh
68 Going Native : Gandhi’s Relationship With Western Women Thomas Weber
69 How to Change the World : Tales of Marx and Marxism Eric Hobsbawm
70 The Eichmann Trial Deborah E Lipstadt
71 India’s New Economic Policy : A Critical Analysis ( Edited ) Waquar Ahmed, Amitabh Kundu and Richard Peet
72. Communalism Explained! A Graphic Account Ram Puniyani and Sharad Sharma
73. Getting it Right – India’s Unfolding Infrastructure Agenda Vinayak Chatterjee
74 Report on the State of food Insecurity in Urban India MS Swaminathan Research Foundation
75 South Asia, Envisioning a Regional Future Smruti S.Pattanaik
76 News as Culture – Journalistic Practices and the Remaking of Indian Leadership Traditions Ursula Rao
77 The Marshall Albums : Photography and Archaeology Sudeshna Guha
78 Civilization : The West and the Rest Niall Ferguson
79 Financial Policies And Everyday Life ( The Indian Context ) S.S. Tarapore
80 Challenges of Nation – Building in Developing Societies Edited by Suranjan Das, Shantanu Chakrabarti
81 India’s Higher Defence R. Venkataraman
82 The Oxford India Anthology of Business History Medha M. Kudaisya
83 An Envoy Looks Back – A Memoir KH Patel
84 Vinod Kambli : The Lost Hero Kunal Purandare
85 5 Years Guarantee How to Make India Richer Shrawan K. Vikram
86 CBI Top Cop Recalls S.K. Datta
87 Secrets of RSS – Demystifying the Sangh Ratan Sharda
88 Free the CBI – Power Games in Bhopal & Other Cases 8R Lall
89 Speeches that Reshaped the World Alan J Whiticker
90 The Splendour of Hyderabad – The Last Phase of an Oriental Culture MA Nayeem
91 Travelling with Darwin – Evolution of an Evolutionary Gaurangi Maitra
92 Exploring Medieval India Meena Bhargava
93 Afghanistan – A Role for India R.K. Sawhney, Arun Sahgal, Gurmeet Kanwal
94 Literary Criticism – A New History Gary Day
95 Great Indians – Surendranath Banerjea to Gandhi Balraj Krishna
96 Towards Freedom 1941 – Part-1 Amit K. Gupta and Arjun Dev
97 How to Change the World: Tales of Marx and Marxism Professor Eric Hobsbawm
98 Standing My Ground Mathew Hayden
99 Patrons of the Poor : Caste Politics and Policymaking in India Narayan Lakshman
100 The Crisis This Time – Socialist Register 2011 Leo Panitch, Greg Albo, Vivek Chibber

General Studies Question Bank CD

101 An Inspirational Journey – Pratibha Devisingh Patil Rasika Chaube, Chhaya Mahajan
102 Matters of Discretion – An Autobiography, IK Gujral
103 Inside WikiLeaks : My Time at the World’s Most Dangerous Website Daniel Domscheit – Berg
104 Bismillah Khan : The Maestro from Benaras Juhi Sinha
105 Supreme Court on Words, Phrases and Legal Expressions T.L. Garg and Rohan Garg
106 Pakistan – Terrorism Ground Zero Rohan Gunaratna, Khuram Iqbal
107 Towards The Next Orbit – A Corporate Odyssey ( Edited ) by Subir Verma
108 Diversions and Distractions in English Literature R.K. Bhushan
109 Catching Up with Gandhi Graham Turner
110 Poverty, Inequality and Population – Essays in Development and Applied Measurement D. Jayaraj, S. Subramanian
111 Climate Wars – The Fight for Survival as the World Overheats Gwynne Dyer
112 Environmental History of Early India – A Reader ( Edited ) by Nandini Sinha Kapur
113 A Book of Memory – Confessions and Reflections Sudhir Kakar
114 India’s Parliamentary Democracy on Trial Madhav Godbole
115 Celluloid Deities – The Visual Culture of Cinema and Politics in South India Preminda Jacob
116 Cheating Death The Doctors and Medical Miracles that are Saving Life Against All Odds’ by Sanjay Gupta
117 The Vault of Shiva Andy McDermott
118 Jamali – Kamali – A Tale of Passion in Mughal India Karen Chase
119 Zafarnama, Guru Gobind Singh ( translated ) by Navtej Sarna
120 In the Bazaar of Love : The Selected Poetry of Amir Khusrau ( translated ) by Paul Losensky and Sunil Sharma
121 Toyota Under Fire : Lessons for turning crisis into opportunity Jeffrey K. Liker and Timothy N. Ogden
122 Ashoka The Great Wytze Keuning
123 The Millennium Declaration, Rights, and Constitutions Yash Ghai, Jill Cottrell
124 The Indian Ocean Tsunami – The Global Response to a Natural Disaster ( Edited ) by Pradyumna P. Karan and Shanmugam P. Subbiah
125 Triumph of Secularism : Battle of the Opinion Poll in Goa Rajan Narayan, Sharon D’Cruz
126 Idea Man : A Memoir Paul Allen
127 The Origins of Political Order From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution Francis Fukuyama
128 The Darker Side of Black Money B.V. Kumar
129 Federalism and Fiscal Transfers in India C Rangarajan and D K Srivastava
130 Faith and Power : Religion and Politics in the Middle East Bernard Lewis
131 Economic Diplomacy : India’s Experience ( Edited ) by Kishan S Rana and Bipul Chatterjee
132 A Sea in Flames : The Deepwater Horizon Oil Blowout Carl Safina
133 The Cage : The Fight for Sri Lanka & the Last Days of the Tigers Gordon Weiss
134 Jayalalithaa – A Portrait1 Vaasanthi
135 Patrons of The Poor – Caste Politics and Policymaking in India Narayan Lakshman
136 Contested Spaces, Citizenship and Belonging in Contemporary Times’, ( Edited ) Meenakshi Thapan
137 The Nowhere Nation Ashok Mitra
138 Empires Apart – America and Russia From the Vikings to Iraq Brian Landers
139 Business and Polity – Dynamics of a Changing Relationship D.N. Ghosh
140 Hazard Ecology – Approaches and Techniques B.W. Pandey
141 Inclusive Growth in Agriculture ( Edited ) M. Upender, B. Shiva Reddy, TLN Swamy
142 Billy Arian Singh – Tiger of Dudhwa Shaminder Boparai
143 Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro – Seriously Funny Since 1983 Jai Arjun Singh
144 Beyond Mechanical Markets : Asset Price Swings, Risk and the Role of the State Roman Frydman and Michael Goldberg
145 The Constitution Of Liberty : The Definitive Edition ( The Collected Works of F A Hayek, Volume XVII ) Edited by Ronald Hamowy
146 Music : R.D. Burman : The Man, The Music Anuradha Bhattacharjee & Balaji Vittal
147 Anna Hazare : The Face of India’s Fight Against Corruption Pradeep Thakur and Pooja Rana
148 Mafia Queens of Mumbai : Stories Of Women From The Ganglands by S Hussain Zaidi with Jane Borges
149 Towards the True Kinship of Faiths Dalai Lama
150 Urban Issues and Environmental Challenges Hafiza Golandaz
151 Religion Caste and Politics in India Christophe Jaffrelot
152 My Days in Sri Lanka Lakhan Mehrotra
153 Internal Conflicts in Myanmar – Transnational Consequences ( Edited ) VR Raghavan
154 She – A Woman from India Sangeeta Goel
155 Nehru’s Kashmir Sati Sahni
156 Humanitarian Intervention : A History Brendan Simms and D.J.B. Trim
157 Law & Sports in India – Development Issues and Challenges Mukul Mudgal
158 India’s White Revolution – Operation Flood, Food Aid and Development Bruce A. Scholten
159 Religion, Tradition and Ideology – Pre-colonial South India R Champakalakshmi
160 Journeys to Foreign Selves – Asians and Asian Americans in a Global Era Alan Ronald
161 Hinduism and Law : An Introduction Trimothy Lubin, Donald R Davis Jr.
162 Opium War: Drugs, Dreams and the Making of China Julia Lovell
163 China : Military Modernisation and Strategy Monika Chansoria
164 On China Henry Kissinger
165 Dragon Unravelled : A New Perspective On China Mathew John
166 Beyond the Border Yoginder Sikand
167 Explaining Pakistan’s Foreign Policy : Escaping India aparna Pande
168 Deadly Embrace : Pakistan, America and the Future of Global Jihad Bruce Riedel
169 Afghanistan and Pakistan Conflict, extremism. And Resistance to Modernity Riaz Mohammad Khan
170 Radical, Religious, and Violent: The New Economics of Terrorism Eli Berman
171 The Convert : A Tale of Exile and Extremism Deborah Baker
172 Debates on Development, Freedom and justice ( Edited ) by S. Sodhi
173 The Indicus Handbook 2011 : Indian Economy, Markets and Consumers Laveesh Bhandari and Swati Gupta
174 An Economist’s Miscellany Kaushik Basu
175 Poor Economics : A Radical Thinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo
176 The Millennium Declaration, Rights, and Constitutions Yash Ghai, Jill Cottrell
177 Homi Bhabha and the Computer Revolution Editors: R K Shyamsundar and M.A Pai
178 Moonwalking With Einstein : The Art and Science of Remembering Everything Joshua Foer
179 Physics of the Future Michio Kaku
180 The Battle for Employment Guarantee Reetika Khera
181 International Working Class Movement Sukomal Sen
182 India Calling : An Intimate Portrait of a Nation’s Remaking Anand Giridharadas
183 How India’s Small Towns Live ( Or Die ) Paromita Shastri
184 History and Politics in Post – colonial India Michael Gottolob
185 Re – imagining India and Other Essays U. R. Ananthamurthy
186 The Beautiful and the Damned : Life in the New India Siddhartha Deb
187 The Rediscovery of India Meghnad Desai
188 The Eagle and the Elephant : Strategic Aspects of US-India Economic Engagement Raymond E Vickery
189 Does the Elephant Dance? Contemporary Indian Foreign Policy David M. Malone
190 An Envoy Looks Back – A Memoir KH Patel
191 Humanitarian Intervention : A History Brendan Simms and D.J.B. Trim
192 Ethics for our Times : Essays in Gandhian Perspective M.V. Nadkarni
193 Revolutionary Gandhi by Pannalal Dasgupta ( translated ) by K.V. Subrahmonyan
194 Gandhi in the West : The Mahatma and the Rise of Radical Protest Sean Scalmer
195 Going Native : Gandhi’s Relationship With Western Women Thomas Weber
196 Urban Issues and Environmental Challenges Hafiza Golandaz
197 The Great Golden Sacrifice of the Mahabharata Maggi Lidchi – Grassi
198 Empire of the Moghul Ruler of the World Alex Rutherford
199 The Great Speeches of Modern India Rudrangshu Mukherjee
200 The Emperor’s Writings : Memories of Akbar, The Great Dirk Collier
201 In the Bazaar of Love : The Selected Poetry of Amir Khusrau ( Translated ) by Paul Losensky and Sunil Sharma
202 Ashoka The Great Wytze Keuning
203 Jamali-Kamali – A Tale of Passion in Mughal India Karen Chase
204 Beyond the Boundaries of Bollywood : The Many Forms of Hindi Cinema Edited by Rachel Dwyer and Jerry Pinto
205 The Greatest Show on Earth : Writings on Bollywood ( Edited ) Jerry Pinto
206 Celluloid Deities – The Visual Culture of Cinema and Politics in South India Preminda Jacob
207 The Caste Question : Dalits and the Politics of Modern India Anupama Rao
208 Social Action – Experiences of Young Activist Manju Panwar
209 Subaltern Citizens and their Histories : Investigations from India and the USA Gyanendra Pandey
210 Political Economy of Production and Reproduction – Caste, Custom and Community in North India Prem Chowdhry
211 Comprising Caste, Class and Power, 2/e; Idea of Natural Inequality, 2/e; and Equality and Universality Andre Beteille
212 Broken Mirrors – The ” Dowry Problem’ in India Robin Wyatt, Nazia Masood
213 Locating India’s Intelligence Agencies in a Democratic Framework Danish Sheikh
214 Craft of Counter Insurgency Dr. A.P. Maheshwari
215 Hello Bastar : The Untold Story of India’s Maoist Movement Rahul Pandita
216 Permission to Shoot? – Police Use of Deadly Force in Democracies Jyoti Belur
217 I’ndian Mujahideen, Tracking The Enemy Within Shishir Gupta
218 Simla : The Summer Capital of British India Raaja Bhasin
219 Article 370 : A Constitutional History of Jammu and Kashmir AG Noorani
220 Kashmir and Beyond 1966 – 84 : Select Correspondence Between Indira Gandhi and Karan Singh Jawaid Alam
221 Until My Freedom Has Come : The New Intifada In Kashmir Sanjay Kak ( Edited )
222 Nehru’s Kashmir Sati Sahni
223 My Kashmir : The Dying of the Light Wajahat Habibullah

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