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Early life of  Buchi Babu Naidu
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“Buchi Babu” Nayudu was the eldest of the Family of Five Brothers .He was adopted by his Maternal GrandFather, Modhavarappu Dera Venkataswami Nayudu, the patriarch,was – Dubash of Parry & Company (whose HQ was Dare House )in the 19th Century.

M.Dera.Venkataswami Nayudu, set very high standards of living,.Buchi Babu and his brothers were brought up in the best English Tradition and inherited all good habits and manners of an English country squire .

In time Buchi Babu Nayudu brought up as a Westernized ,sports loving young man with the confidence to rub shoulders as an equal with the English ruling classes of his time .He was often described in his time as the greatest sportsman of Madras (Presently Chennai),The Father of Chennai Cricket ,fired by the desire to take on the Englishman of the Madras Cricket Club .

Buchi Babu became a fine Cricketer and a Pillar of the Madras United Club(MUC)which he founded and to which Cricket playing Indians owed affiliation ,the Madras Cricket Club then being only for Whites.

Buchi Babu Naidu  not only gave several promising Cricketers who were playing members of his team –the MUC-all the equipment they needed ,like clothes ,boots ,pads and gloves,to make them look like Cricketers ,but he also arranged regular fixtures for them with the MCC.

Buchi Babu ” Father Of Chennai Cricket “

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Every cricketer playing competitively in Chennai today is heir to what he created on the rugged wickets of his Madras United Club (MUC)and the lush turf of the Chepauk .Cricket in Madras till Buchi Babu changed the scenario was an Englishman’s game .

A few Indians tried to imitate what they got a glimpse of,watching from the outfield of the Madras Cricket Club’s hallowed ground at chepauk.but the real players were the british colonialists till Buchi Babu came along and offered them an Indian challenge .

Not only did MUC-MCC cricket matches then become regular features and the Annual Pongal Week Indians vs Europeans presidency’s biggest fixture until the Ranji Trophy competition came along in the 1930s,but Buchi Babu tackled british custom head on and led his team in to the MCC’s ‘Whites Only’pavilion.

As per the regulations, he could not enter the Club. It is said that Buchi Babu then staged a walkout in middle of the match with his team in tow. The Nayudu, ironically a descendant of Venkatadri Nayak of Chandragiri, who sold to British traders the land on which Fort St George is located, dared to question the discrimination that had been practised as an art form.” Buchi Babu had a dream. In his days sports, including horse-racing and polo, were dominated — indeed appropriated — by the Europeans.

The Madras Cricket Club was exclusively European. Buchi Babu’s dream of having a ground open to everyone to play was the trigger that later made it possible for the hallowed Chepauk grounds to escape the MCC monopoly, and ultimately prepared the ground for the TNCA (Tamil Nadu Cricket Association)leasing the place and making way for the MAC Stadium that we find today.

Buchi Babu’s purchase and occupation of Luz House in Mylapore (Off Luz Church Road)meant that his family took cricket to the Brahmin aristocracy of the locality .In time ,the communities of Andhra men of leisure and Tamil intellectuals forged an unlikely combination that led to ‘unbridled talent finding joyous expression ‘on Cricket grounds.

Buchi Babu Naidu sired three progenies who in due course left their imprint on the game. The eldest of the siblings, Venkatramanujalu alias Bhatt was known for his pyrotechnics his immediate younger brother,M .Balliah, a stylish left hander who earned the tag “Madras Woolley” represented the Hindus in the Bombay quadrangular,led Madras against Bombay in the final of the second edition of the Ranji Trophy.C.Ramaswami the youngest son of Buchi Babu Naidu was one of the two Indian ” Double Internationals”.

For three generations of the Buchi Babu family have played Ranji Trophy Cricket,Two of the family achieving Test Class as well .Besides cricket ,there have been members of the family in every generation who’ve made their mark in South India at the highest levels in Tennis and Table –Tennis ,Hockey and Golf,Polo and Equestianism ,Shooting and Bridge.

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