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West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya Biography
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Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, the ongoing Chief Minister of West Bengal, is considered as the visionary of making the state.

Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, an Indian Communist politician, has served as the Chief Minister of West Bengal, India since November 6, 2000. an avid reader, a poet, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya is a man of principle. He is also a member of the politburo of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

While he was asked about the expectations of the masses if the Left Front returns to power again, he said, Changes started setting in long back.

Once we return to power, we have to consolidate our success in the field of agriculture. That means we have to move from agriculture to agro business. As far as industries are concerned, manufacturing or otherwise, we have to improve our infrastructure to attract more investment.

Improving infrastructure is absolutely essential for the state’s economic growth. I am trying my best to maintain the momentum that has been built in the state’s industrial sector. We are focusing primarily on improving the quality of education.

This eminent politician from Bengal was born on 1st March, 1944 in north Calcutta to a family which had birthed another famous son, revolutionary poet Sukanta Bhattacharya. In 1964, soon after receiving graduation from Presidency College, he joined the CPI – M as a primary member.

Bhattacharya started his career as a teacher at the Dum Dum Adarsh Vidya Mandir. Beside supporting the Vietnam’s cause in 1968, took active part in the food movement.

For the first time in 1977, he was selected as a Legislative Assembly Member from the Kashipur constituency. That was for the first time, the CPI (M) – led Left Front came to power in West Bengal.

He was entrusted the charge of the ministry of information and culture. He has contributed to Bengali theatre, movies and music during his tenure from his favorite position.
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He is married to Mira Bhattacharya and the couple has one daughter Suchetana Bhattacharya. Mira Bhattacharya is a prominent figue on her own credit. His daughter Suchetana is an environment and wildlife activist.

In 1987, he changed his constituency to Jadavpur after being defeated in the 1982 assembly election from Kashipur. His move was flourishing; he won comfortably and retrieved his post as information and culture minister, with additional charge of municipal affairs.

In the 1991 assembly election, he again won from Jadavpur. In 1996, for the fifth consecutive time, the CPI – M won the West Bengal Assembly Elections. With additional authority over the home (police) ministry, Bhattacharya was once again appointed as the Information and Culture Minister.

The two leaders, Jyoti Basu & Bhattacharya become closer during this period and Bhattacharya also grew as a politician.

When Basu finally decided to step down in 2000,this finally led to his being promoted as the Chief Minister. This took place much ahead of the State Assembly elections which was due in May 2001.

With the objective of making the administration look cleaner, Bhattacharya was made the Chief Minister. The victory of the Left Front government in West Bengal, was primarily due to his clean image.

The Left Front government was established for 6th term in May 2001, though with a much reduced majority.

Bengal’s economy has been significantly liberalised, after Budhhadeb Bhattacharya becoming the chief minister. He has brought in a lot of foreign investment in Bengal.

Under his leadership, many new industries and IT related services have emerged. This communist leader is always open to reforms. He is endlessly striving to promote industrialization in West Bengal. His clean image turned to be his biggest asset, which helped him to lead the Left Front to a 7th consecutive term in 2006 Assembly Elections.

From 29,281 in 2001 to 58,130 in 2006, his victory margin went up. His coalition bettered its tally from 199 seats to 235 seats and quite ideally shranked the other opposition parties to almost insignificance.

This salient personality has also written a book of poems ‘Chena Phooler Gondho’, or “The Fragrance of the Known Flowers”, written for the stage. This admirer of Rabindra Sangeet also translated the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Vladimir Mayakovsky into Bengali.

The book buff, these days has no time to read books as he is busy with the elections campaign. As he said “The literary self of mine has gone on leave for the moment”.

He is amongst those few who are considered as the ideal blend of moderate and efficient leadership qualities. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya since ages has tried to complement with both the hardliner and liberal view in the party.

While he was asked about the steps needs to be taken to make West Bengal a hot economic destination, he replied, “We have to stress on everything — agriculture, industry, trade, education, science and culture. If we aim to make our state a hot economic destination, the sky should be the limit.”

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