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Christ Church Shimla

The Christ Church in Shimla, is regarded as the 2nd oldest church of Northern India, after the St John’s Church which is located in Meerut city. It is the parish in Diocese of the city of Amritsar in Church of Northern India. This is current incumbent of The Rev. Mushtaq Achher Malk, M.Th. , B.D. ,whose designation is been presbyter – in – charge. Worshiping is done in both Hindi & English.

The famous St. Michael’s Cathedral and Christ church of Shimla shows of one of the most beautiful architectural master piece. The construction here of the church took a total span of around 11 years from 1846 till 1857 & is regarded as the 2nd oldest church of Northern India. This wonderful church is situated just near to the Ridge inside town of Shimla & can be approached easily from any where. The St. Michael’s Cathedral & Christ Church is one of the famous landmarks of Shimla & is flocked with many devoted followers from across India.

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The church seems to be absolutely magical at the night hours when the lights are placed strategically at the corners to illuminate this church. This church keeps glowing with all the beauty & grandeur and it is one of the amazing sights to enjoy. Majestically painted coloured glass consists the massive windows of the magnificent church. This is an awesome sight to have a look & definitely worth a visit where one is travelling all the way to Shimla. Next to this Church one will get to see a library which was built by Mr. James Ransome in 1910. It was designed in typical style of Elizabethan & consists of one of the great collection which includes books & ancient scriptures.


This Church was constructed in Shimla as per request of British residing there. The govt. initially was restrained from allotting the money here but later on they agreed to construct this church which stands today as one of the magnificent piece of elegance.

The Christ Church in Shimla was, however, consecrated on 10th January 1857 by Bishop Wilson of Calcutta.The Church was built of stone and brick in lime mortar by Col. J.T. Boileau with new gothic elements. Christ Church at Ridge, Shimla was the first ‘proper’ church in Shimla. Earlier when this Christ Church was not built at Ridge Shimla, the Church services were held in a thatched building on the North book Terrace on the Mall near the Telegraph Office.

Heavy snows in 1961 caused extensive damage to the building of the Christ, Shimla Church and pinnacles running along the length of church were totally dismantled. Even today the Christ Church at Ridge, Shimla has some interesting memorial tablets while the pews still mark the seats of British Viceroy of India and the Commander-in-Chief.


The design of Christ Church was done by Colonel J.T. Boileau in the year of 1844, & this church was consecrated after the year 1857. The Christ Church’s clock which adorns the church was donated by Colonel Dumbleton during the year 1860. While in 1873 the porch got added.

This Church has seen & survived partition & subsequent political up & downs Indian subcontinent. Christ Church till today continues to stay as well maintained & remains in a very good condition. The clock does not functions however, due to the entropy.

The church has 5 fine windows made of stained glass. Each of them represents some Christian virtues such as Hope, Faith, Charity, Patience, Fortitude and Humility.

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