St. John’s Church Dharamshala

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St. John’s Church Dharamshala

Lying in vicinity of the nature in beautiful Dharamshala is the St. John’s Church. St. John’s Church is popularly known as the ‘Church in Wilderness’ as the area is uninhabited, completely surrounded by tall Deodar trees and left in its natural condition. St. John’s Church is at a distance of just few kilometers from Dharamshala ( Upper Dharamshala ) and about 4 – 5 kms from the famous ‘Peace of Mind Spot’, Mcleodganj. The surrounding area around the St. John’s Church is completely shadowed by tall Deodar trees giving it a fantastic appearance.

There are many interesting places and monuments in and around the scenic town of Dharamshala, in Himachal Pradesh. St. John’s Church is one such magnificent monument, which sits pretty in the vicinity of Dharamshala, at a distance of about 8 km from the town. The church is also fondly known as ‘St. John’s Church in Wilderness’. This church reflects a strong colonial architecture, and its seminal appeal is testified by the galore of tourists.

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The St. John’s Church leaves traces of British rule in the country. It came into existence in the year 1852. The church is situated amidst the Mcleodganj and the Forsythganj, and is enclosed with the dense Deodhar forest. It has a very peaceful and calm look to it.

The then viceroy of the country, Lord Elgin, breathed his last at Chauntra, in the district of Mandi. This church is his final resting place. He was brought here in the year 1863 AD. You will find a statuette in the church, which has been built in honour of Lord Elgin. Scores of tourists visit this elegant church which is also renowned for its architecture, designing and solemn atmosphere.

St. John’s Church has decorated glass windows. These glass windows add to the beauty of the church. The glasses are covered with a fine mosaic of patterns, which are a delight to the eye. These glass windows are Belgian in origin and have been specially gifted by none other than Lady Elgin. You will also find a necropolis in the vicinity of the church which is typically of the Christian style.

The St. John’s Church is easily accessible once you reach Dharamshala. The Gaggal Airport is the closest airport and Pathankot is the closest railway station from Dharamshala. You can avail of the buses and taxis if you are travelling by road. On reaching Dharamshala, you can either walk or use the means of transport to go up to the church. So do not forget to pay a visit to the church, while enjoying your stay in Dharamshala. It will bring you closer to serenity, and a pure feel would spread across your heart.

Visiting Hours

10 AM – 5 PM daily
11:00 AM Sunday Service
Christmas Eve Service.

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