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St Stephen’s Church Delhi

St. Stephens Church, Delhi is a Romanesque Church built in the typical Gothic Style. Built in 1862, the Church is located on the Church Mission Road quite near to the Old Delhi Railway Station. The rectangular Romanesque Church has elaborate ornate designs on walls and the high ceilings. The red bricked structure is said to have got its look because St. Stephens its patron while preaching the doctrines of Christianity was stoned to death. The red color symbolizes his sacrifice and bloodshed.

Apart from its ornate walls and ceilings the Church has a unique feature which is the stained glass rose window which is exclusive in Delhi. The baroque styled church has arched windows which allow the sunlight to brighten the interiors. The interiors are well maintained with motifs, pictures, carvings and beautiful furniture. A series of fine plasters form an arcade on either side with lined columns made of sandstone. These columns have beautiful carvings. The red colored bell hangs on the north east end on a high tower.

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The St. Stephens Church, Delhi compound also has the famous St. Stephens College and Hospital. Though the church gates open only on Sundays for prayers but it can be opened on request by the caretaker who stays nearby. The church gets a bridal touch during the chritian festivals. Many cultural programs are also organized in the premises during the year on special permission from the local authority or the Church of North India office.


The organization responsibility of the building St. Stepean’s Church was the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel ( SPG ). The SPG was later absorbed into the Cambridge Mission, which founded the prestigious St. St. Stephen’s College, Delhi now a part of Delhi University The color of the Church is said to symbolize the blood of St. Stephen, the first Christian Martyr and patron saint of the city, and also the blood of the first Christian martyrs in India who were killed in Delhi in 1857 revolt.


The construction of the church is in the architectural style of the Gothic era, with various influences of architecture of the Roman era. The church has ceilings and ornately designed walls as well as the window in form of rose and made of stained glass, which is found only in this church in Delhi. The church is in the Baroque style, with windows which are arched, allowing brightness of the sunlight to pass into the interiors. There are plenty of motifs, carvings, pictures and furniture which is quite beautiful. There are plasters in fine series, which are found on either side, where sandstone columns are lining. Carvings which are quite beautiful adorn these columns. Sandstones are also carved to make the pilasters. St. Stephen’s Church also has a bell tower as its another feature. Intricate designs have been done over the motifs, with marvelous carvings. Furniture in old style are quite charming, giving a 19th century look to this Church in Delhi.

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