Coimbatores First 5D Theater to be Launched

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Coimbatores First 5D Theater to be Launched

Coimbatore’s first 5D theater will start functioning at Brookefields Mall on Friday by promising a virtual reality of wonders through motion and environmental effects. Targeting mainly children, the theater promises entertainment better than 3D which offers mainly sophisticated visual effects.

Titled Pix 5D Cinema, the theater reaches Coimbatore after winning substantial fan following in Chennai. The facility has been available at Express Mall in Chennai for quite some time.

It would be a wonder in sequences,” said Ravee Shankarr, director of Pix 5D Cinema. Each show would last 10 to 12 minutes and during this short duration, the viewers would be taken to another world.

If it is raining in the film, the audience would feel wet. If characters in the film travel in flight, the audience will feel like they are travelling too,” he said.

Just like an airplane journey, it is compulsory for viewers to fasten their seatbelts before seeing the film. The basic characteristic of 5D is that while 3D offers just visual effects, 5D offers virtual reality through motion and environmental effects, making the viewer feel like they’re a part of the entire sequence,” explains Shankarr.

The viewer sits on a specially designed seat and is provided with 3D glass. The experience then begins with a slight shake as a rollercoaster starts its tumultuous journey through the rails.

Sitting on the chair, the viewer would be moved up, down, left and right. Pix 5D Cinema has a capacity of 32 seats and a collection of 10 movies that have now been launched in the 5D format. “Our seats have a numatic technology through which you get three degrees of freedom ( most other 4D theatres have only two degrees or so ). This allows for movements in all directions in sync with the movie,” says Shankarr.

It’s not just the seats that make the movie come alive, there is artificial snow and smoke screens and 3D bugs, spiders, scorpions, waterfalls and boulders that hamper your vision, threaten to sting you, follow you around and throw you off course. And just as the ride ends and the roller coaster comes to a screeching halt, you realise you are still holding on tight.

“This sort of entertainment is still in its nascent stages in South India. We visited similar facilities all over the country and abroad and looked at how we could add a new dimension.

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