Decline of Proposed Investments in India to 75 Percent

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Decline of Proposed Investments in India to 75 percent in the FY 2013

As per the survey conducted by Assocham in July, 2013 the proposed investments by domestic and foreign entrepreneurs declined by a whopping 75% in FY 2012 – 2013.

Meaning of Proposed Investment / Investment Proposal

Document prepared by the sponsor of a new investment project, or the management of an existing firm, for prospective investors and / or lenders. It details the nature of the project or business its history ( if any ), growth potential, objectives and the amount of finance required to realize them, promised collateral or security, and a plan for timely repayment of interest and principal.

Important Points on Proposed Investments in India

India attracted 697 investment proposals through both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs to the tune of over 1.4 lakh crore as of March, 2013. However, these have declined from a significant level of 2828 proposals worth 6 lakh crore during the corresponding period in year 2012.

As per the state – wise analysis of investment intentions of foreign and domestic sources, Maharashtra topped the list attracting maximum share of investment proposals at 20% while Kerala accounted for 10 per cent of the proposals.

The governments both at the Centre and in states need to work in tandem to attract private investments which would boost economic growth and spur job creation.

Maharashtra emerged as most preferred investment destination across India attracting 149 proposals worth over 28500 crore.

Amid the top 20 states, Kerala is the only state which witnessed a surge in the proposed investments at 10 per cent with two projects worth over 14200 crore. On the other hand, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh saw a dip in proposed investments.

On the other hand, the naxal hit Chhattisgarh state ranked second with about 19% share, attracting 21 proposals worth 2000 crore. Gujarat ranked third with a share of 14% attracting 106 proposals worth 19800 crore. In addition, Rajasthan ranked fourth with a share of over 10 per cent with about 41 proposals worth 14929 crore.

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