Electronics Corporation of India Builds World’s Largest Telescope

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Electronics Corporation of India Builds World’s Largest Telescope

The ‘big eye’ is ready. The world’s largest telescope, which will be installed at the highest observatory in the world, to study the sources of energy in the universe has been fabricated in Hyderabad.

Right now, the proof assembly is being done for the 135 – feet telescope at the Electronics Corporation of India ( ECIL ), a public sector undertaking, here. By December, the testing of the telescope will be completed. Scientists from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre ( BARC ), Mumbai will also take part in the testing. The telescope will be set up at high altitude region of Hanle in Ladakh. It would mean that the largest scope will be installed at the highest altitude, which will be more than any other telescope set up anywhere else in the world.

The main purpose of the telescope is to study the gamma rays that are emitted in the universe. Through the telescope, scientists will study the deep space, stars and the galaxies. BARC is conducting what is known as the Major Atmospheric Cherenkov Experiment ( Mace ) and for that purpose had asked the ECIL to build the telescope, costing ₹ 50 crore. “The fabrication of the telescope has been completed. The telescope will be transported to the site next summer.

It will not be possible to take the telescope before due to blockage of roads owing to snow in the Ladakh region” ECIL executive director ( Aerospace Systems Group ) Ch V R S Gopalakrishna told TOI. The High Energy Stereoscopic System ( HESS ) project in Namibia is also engaged in high – energy gamma – ray astronomy. The Magic Telescope, a European experiment on the Canary Island of La Palma in Spain, is also involved in the study of the galaxy. The diameter of the ECIL – built telescope is much larger than what the telescopes in these two places have.

According to O V L N Murthy, head, Antennae products and Satcom division, the telescope that the ECIL has built will be installed at Hanle where the Indian Astronomical Observatory is located. The building of the telescope, which weighs 180 tonnes, is itself an engineering marvel, Murthy said. With the fabrication of the telescope having just been completed, the team of engineers at ECIL has begun the proof assembly. Already 18 meters of the telescope has been erected. BARC decided on getting the 21 – metre telescope fabricated for the Major Atmospheric Cherenkov Experiment ( Mace ), which would be set up at a high altitude of 4,200 metre. The telescope, when set up, at Hanle, will be operated with solar power.

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