Google may soon Provide ‘Personalised’ Homepage

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Google may soon Provide ‘Personalised’ Homepage

Internet search giant Google may soon revamp its iconic homepage, personalising it for each user by adding relevant information about weather, traffic conditions and even your favourite stocks.

The current Google homepage comprises a white screen, a search box and a pretty logo.

Google is reportedly working on bringing ‘Google Now’, its personalised homepage feature of its Android phones to the web and to its search page.

The tech giant is testing ‘Google Now’ for its homepage, according to website, Google System.

The website discloses a code that contains an introduction to ‘Google Now’, which states, “Get started with Google Now. Just the right information at just the right time.”

It’s not clear yet how ‘Google Now’ for desktop will look.

‘Google Now’ works by using all your data such as your home location to create a completely personalised homepage showing relevant information like weather, traffic conditions and nearby places.

Users can edit the home location, work location and the current location. Another feature lets them track their favourite stocks.

It can also alert users to heavy traffic conditions and arrange an alternate route to work or tell them the live score of their favourite sports team.

All of these things are relatively easy to find online, or through a variety of smartphone apps, but Google Now wants to make all the information people need to go about their day available in one place.

Bringing ‘Google Now’ to the web may be designed to encourage people to move away from their current homepages which are often linked to their email addresses, the report said.

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