Government of Punjab Approved Milk Production Scheme for 93 Crore

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Government of Punjab Approved Milk Production Scheme for 93 Crore

The Punjab Government has approved plan for Milk Production Scheme worth ₹ 93 Crore on 22 July, 2012. The Dairy Development Minister Mr Gulzar Singh Ranike took the decision for Milk Production Scheme.

Dairy Development Minister Stated that :

The Minister said that Punjab has placed under National Dairy Plan Phase – 1 to enhance the milk yield in the state through semen production, breed examination and fodder production. He said that Punjab has also become the first state in the country, which passed an act to implement ‘Herd Registration Program’ to maintain the record of birth and death of each and every milch – cattle. He said that this program would helpful for the government to control the problem of stray animals and improvement of breed. He said that herd registration program would also prove a boon for making dairy farming a scientific and commercial trade.

He said modernisation of semen banks at Ropar and Nabha, expansion of area under cultivation of green fodder, implementation of subsidies on various schemes for welfare of dairy farmers and on milking machines, import of foetus from the US under the ‘Foetus Exchange Program’ to increase milk production besides improving breeds of milch – cattle was needed.

In addition, the subsidies on various milk machines and Foetus Exchange Program is introduced so as to increase the production of Milk. Mr Ranike said that Patiala is known as for the State of the Art Laboratory for foetus exchange which is an added advantage for Punjab to increase Milk Production.

Government of Punjab bought 3 lakh doses of foreign semen from United States and Canada to improve the breeds of cow in the state.

He also said that with the usage of these doses the cows in the state would give total 12000 liter milk on every delivery.These foreign medicines would be given to the dairy farmers on 50 % subsidy. He said that under foetus exchange program 118 foetus has been brought from America for both purposes of improvement in breeds and increase in milk production.Punjab has witnessed 17.61 lakh cows and 50 lakh buffalos at present, which produces 95.5 lakh tones of milk.

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