Greenhouse Gas Level Reached a New High in

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Greenhouse Gas Level Reached a New High in 2011

Atmospheric volumes of greenhouse gases blamed for climate change hit a new record in 2011, the World Meteorological Organization ( WMO ) said in its annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin on Tuesday.

The volume of carbon dioxide , the primary greenhouse gas, grew at a similar rate to the previous decade and reached 390.9 parts per million ( ppm ), 40% above preindustrial level, the survey said.

It has increased by an average of 2 ppm for the past 10 years. Fossil fuels are the primary source of about 375 billion tonnes of carbon that has been released into the atmosphere since the industrial era began in 1750, the WMO said.

WMO secretary – general Michel Jarraud said the billions of tonnes of extra carbon dioxide would stay in the atmosphere for centuries, causing the planet to warm further. “We have already seen that the oceans are becoming more acidic as a result of the carbon dioxide uptake , with potential repercussions for the underwater food chain and coral reefs,” he said in a statement.

Levels of methane, another long – lived greenhouse gas, have risen steadily for the past three years after levelling off for about seven years. The reasons for that evening out are unclear. Growth in volumes of a third gas, nitrous oxide, quickened in 2011. It has a long – term climate impact that is 298 times greater than carbon dioxide.

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