India and China Defence Ministers to Discuss Ties

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India and China Defence Ministers to Discuss Ties 2012

For expanding defence cooperation, India and China on September 4th 2012, agreed to resume joint military exercises that were postponed since 2010 due the denial of visa to the then Northern Army Commander Lt Gen BS Jaswal by China in 2010, resulting to which New Delhi had suspended all bilateral defence exchanges with Beijing.

Chinese Defence Minister General Liang Guanglie and his delegation, including high – ranking members of the defence and military establishment met Indian Defence Minister A. K. Antony on September 4th, 2012 to discuss measures to help avoid flares along the border between the nuclear – armed Asian giants. Both the two sides reached on an agreement on a wide range of issues relating to defence and military.

This is the first visit after eight years by a Chinese defence minister to India. The last time a Chinese defence minister visited India was in 2004. A growing competition between the two emerging powers was highlighted as they are pushing up for influence and resources across Asia.

Both the two sides went ahead on a wide range of issues relating to defence and military. The result of the meeting happened so that the both sides agreed to strengthen border security cooperation between the troops in order to maintain peace in the border areas. Minor incidents of both nations’ troops crossing the border are common, but major flare – ups are avoided through meetings of low and mid – rank officers, as well as senior military delegations and a cabinet-level hotline.

Instability has increased in Tibet in the lead up to the Chinese leadership change, with 51 Tibetans setting fire to themselves in gruesome protests against Beijing’s heavy – handed rule in the region. The Chinese delegation has also invited Antony to visit China, which he accepted and he will be visiting China next year.

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