India Ranked Second on Spam Sending Nations

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India Ranks Number Two among Spam Sending Nations

A recent security round-up report, Trend Micro Q1 2013, has said that 7.70% of spam was being sent from India and the country stood second among the spam sending countries.

The report added that 1.75% of computers in India were found accessing Botnet connected servers, while Android users from India are at highest risk of privacy exposure only after Saudi Arabia.

“Countries at a high risk of downloading malicious apps included Asia, Myanmar and India. India stands fifth ( 34.94% ) for downloading battery draining app volumes,” said a statement by Trend Micro.

Multiple zero – day exploits were found targeting popular applications like Java and Adobe Flash Player, Acrobat, and Reader.

In addition, as predicted, Trend Micro saw improvements in already-known threats like spam botnets, banking Trojans, and readily available exploit kits.

Other high-profile incidents include the South Korean cyber attacks in March, which reiterated the dangers targeted attacks pose.

On the mobile front, fake versions of popular apps remained a problem though phishers found a new target in the form of mobile browsers.

“Fake apps remained a significant mobile threat in this quarter. Malicious apps that belong to the FAKEINST and OPFAKE families are known for imitating popular apps to lure users into downloading them.

Android users from India are acutely exposed to the risk of privacy exposure. This might have been due to the fact that almost all of the mobile users in the country take notice of mobile ads, which could have prompted dubious developers to create apps with aggressive advertising features,” said Amit Nath, country manager, India and Saarc, Trend Micro.

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