Indian Project Won the World Environment Day Challenge

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Indian Project Won the World Environment Day Challenge 2012

An environment project made by Hand in Hand India, a Chennai based development organization was named the winner of World Environment Day Challenge 2012 organised by the UN. Projects of our other organisations also emerged victorious for their unique and inspiring work.

Hand in Hand India created a colourful 10000 square foot rangoli carpet depicting 10 environmental themes. The awe inspiring theme came into being after the tireless efforts of nearly 500 volunteers.

The names of a Colombian group Fundacion Ecoprogreso, Kenyan group Maji Mazuri Centre International, Asutralia’s Sunshine Coast Environment Council and a Bangladeshi non – profit organization, Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha also figured in the list of winners.

To increase the people’s participation in environmental activities the UN Environment Programs ( UNEP ) had come out with the innovative competition on World Environment Day 2012. Under the competition people across the world were asked to come out with an unique environmental project in connection with World Environment Day 2012. The World Environment Day is observed on 5th June, every year.

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