Infant Star may Shed Light on Birth of our Solar System

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Infant Star may Shed Light on Birth of our Solar System

For the first time, a ‘baby’ star has been captured just before ‘birth’ by astronomers – a breakthrough scientists believe could hold clues as to how our solar system formed.

The discovery provides the missing link in understanding how giant gas clouds collapse to form fully fledged stars.

The star’s swirling disk of dust and gas is the youngest still-forming planetary system yet found – and could help explain how our own solar system ormed, the Daily Mail said.

The infant is just 300,000 years old at most – compared to the 4.6 – billion – year age of our Sun and its planets – and is more than 450 light – years from Earth in the constellation Taurus.

“It may be even younger, depending on how fast it accumulated mass in the past,” John Tobin, a Hubble Fellow student at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in West Virginia , said.

The star is expected to pull in material from its surroundings to eventually match it. The disk surrounding it contains at least enough ‘stuff ‘ to make seven Jupiters. “This very young object has all the elements of a solar system in the making,” Tobin said.

Called L1527 IRS, the star resides in the stellar nursery, Taurus Cloud, and is one of the closest examples of the earliest stage of star formation.

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