International Day for Biological Diversity on 22nd May

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International Day for Biological Diversity on 22nd May

The International Day for Biological Diversity was observed on 22nd May, 2013. The day is observed on the 22nd May every year, to increase the understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues.

The theme this year is Water and Biodiversity. A number of programmes were organised across the globe to mark the day.

The theme, Water and Biodiversity, was chosen to coincide with the UN designation of 2013 as the International year of water cooperation.

The theme speaks of the important role of biodiversity and ecosystems for water security, and therefore for sustainable development.

Water underpins human well being and is absolutely necessary for food security, drinking and sanitation, economic activities, as well as securing eco – system services.

The day also reminds us of the need to balance the needs of biodiversity conservation with those of protesting the livelihoods of millions of people across the globe.

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