Best Banker Prize Awarded by Jammu and Kashmir Bank

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Best Banker Prize Awarded by Jammu and Kashmir Bank 2012

J&K Bank’s continued focus on all areas of banking during the past two years has won the bank four national awards. Jammu and Kashmir Bank on 20th August, 2012 won four national awards – “The Sunday Standard FINWIZ – 2012 Best Bankers” Awards. The Bank was awarded Best Banker in Financial Inclusion and Customer Friendliness and declared runner up for Best Banker in Priority Sector Growth and Agricultural Credit.

The awards were received on behalf of the Chairman & CEO, Mushtaq Ahmad by the President and Zonal Head, Abdul Hamid Banday. The union minister for Commerce & Industry, Anand Sharma gave away the awards at an impressive function held in Delhi on 20th August, 2012. C Rangarajan Chairman Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council was also present on the occasion.

The Sunday Standard is a part of the New Indian Express Group which is based in Chennai. It had engaged Indicus Analytics- India’s premier economic research agency – to conduct a survey and find out India’s best bankers. Notably, the CEOs of all 78 Scheduled Commercial Banks operating in India were considered for the rating. The survey has rated Chairman and CEO Mushtaq Ahmad as top ranked CEO for being ‘accomplished in all aspects of banking’.

The survey has highlighted his skillfull leadership qualities by mentioning the bank’s all round and consistent growth in its operations under his dynamic leadership. Since his taking over, the bank’s business turnover has increased by over ₹ 24000 crore, going from ₹ 62,000 crore in September 2010 to ₹ 86,424 crore in March 2012. The bank posted an all time high profit of ₹ 803 crore for the financial year ended 31st March, 2012.

The surveyors highlighted the J&K Bank’s contribution in facilitating the workings of the economy and contributing to its growth by promoting entrepreneurs and innovation.It is worth mentioning that the surveyors who stringently surveyed all 78 scheduled commercial banks operating in India used quantitative and qualitative indicators as well as published data to arrive at the results. They also did primary surveys to ensure that there were no oversights or information gaps. The analysis was meant to capture the improvements that have occurred over the last year for which data is available for quantitative parameters, while the qualitative indicators were captured from a confidential primary survey of senior employees of the banks conducted in March and April 2012.

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