Lucas TVS wins Deming Award

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Lucas TVS wins Deming Award

Lucas – TVS, a leading auto electrical manufacturer and a member of the TVS group, has been selected for Deming Grand prize for 2012.

The company had launched TQM ( Total quality management ) movement in 1998, and secured Deming Application Prize during 2004 for its Total Quality Management commitment and appreciation with distinction.

The company said in a release that it has now joined the elite group of 25 organisations worldwide who have been so far awarded Deming grand prize. The award will be formally given away to the company at a special ceremony next month in Japan.

Chemical biz of SRF, too, gets it

Our Special Correspondent writes from New Delhi.

The chemicals business division of SRF Limited, too, has won the Deming Prize. In 2004, SRF had earned the distinction of becoming the first tyre cord company outside Japan to win the prestigious award.

Named after Dr. Deming, the man who taught the Japanese about quality, the Deming Prize is highly valued as recognition of outstanding practice of TQM in the pursuit of the strategic objectives of a company, according to a press statement.

SRF’s chemicals business is engaged in the manufacture of refrigerants, chloromethane and fluorine – based speciality chemicals.

The business employs over 600 people, and its manufacturing plant is located at Bhiwandi in Rajasthan.

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