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Microsoft unveils Windows Server 2012

Microsoft has announced general availability of Windows Server 2012, a first of its kind version of operating system ( OS ) that can be controlled remotely.

The launch of the cloud-based operating system is a major step by the IT major enabling easy management of large clusters of servers, and is the first major update of its operating system since 2009. The release of the new server 2012 is seen as a prelude to the launch of the next version of Windows, Windows 8, for consumers in October this year.

Microsoft has announced the general availability of the new operating system that has been in development for the last four years.

“The system allows maximising the use of cloud computing with reliability, scalability and in – built performance capabilities,” Microsoft India Director, Server and Cloud Business, Srikanth Karnakota.

Microsoft Windows 8 Advantage

One major advantage of cloud computing was that it would help in limiting software piracy, presently pegged at 63 per cent, as “Nothing Runs Locally”.

“Piracy will be a concern when devices offer applications. But the incidence is sure to reduce as everything is hosted on the cloud,” Mr. Srikanth said.

Microsoft had “Dramatically” simplified pricing and licensing of the new OS which was a unique feature of operating across multiple clouds — public and private.

A study had indicated that 51 per cent of users saw reduction in development time of their applications while another 41 percent experienced comfort in deploying the solution, just in hours, unlike the past where applications took weeks.

The Hyper – V, virtualisation component built into the new system, is set to support 64 virtual servers with memory up to 1 TB. This was a marked improvement over the existing system which supported four virtual processors with a memory of 64 GB, he said.

There was a major shift on the device front as users were opting for mobile phones, laptops and tablets that was imposing a lot of pressure on the infrastructure. Server 2012 would be of immense use in addressing the concerns of users who wanted to avail themselves of services on the move, he pointed out.

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