NASA Launched Space Station Alert Service

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NASA Launched Space Station Alert Service

The US Space Agency, NASA on 2nd November 2012 launched a new service in which people can receive text messages on their phones, whenever the International Space Station would come over their house. The service was launched during the celebration of 12th anniversary of astronauts living and working on the orbiting lab.

The message would make people aware in finding out the International Space Station ( ISS ) as people yet are unaware about the location of ISS in the sky also about the fact that after sun and moon, it is the third brightest object present in the sky. The Spot the Station facility would be available across the world as the trajectory of the station carries more than 90 percent population on earth.

The Spot the Station Service would provide people information about the location of the ISS in the sky.

About International Space Station ( ISS )

International Space Station ( ISS ) that looks similar to Venus is mainly visible in the sky during dusk and dawn at the time, when only moon is visible in the sky. It is a habitable satellite made and placed on the lower earth orbit by the Scientists, and can be seen in the sky with naked eyes without using telescope or any other device. The International Space Station Acts as a platform and environment for scientists to conduct research in the space, which cannot be performed by any other means.

The ISS provides a platform to conduct scientific research that cannot be performed in any other way. While small unmanned spacecraft can provide platforms for zero gravity and exposure to space, space stations offer a long term environment where studies can be performed potentially for decades, combined with ready access by human researchers over periods that exceed the capabilities of manned spacecraft.

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