Nilgiris Boy Bags First Prize in Global Competition

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Nilgiris Boy Bags First Prize in Global Competition

Students at the PSG Sarvajana Higher Secondary school in the city, witnessed a participant in the Google Lunar X Prize demonstrate his expertise in robotics, as a robot designed by him picked up a handful of ice cubes and deposited them in the lunar base at the south pole of the moon in 2040. The competition, being held in various parts of the world, will assess the expertise of participants who are to design robots to function on the moon.

R Vishrutha ( 15 ), S Athmika ( 14 ), and her sister Sadhana ( 16 ) demonstrated how their robot would work on the moon in 2040. The south pole of the moon, where traces of water have been discovered, is a possible location for human settlements to develop in the future, according to some scientists. A landscape 191 cm x 191 cm in size, prepared using wood and plaster of paris, has a ‘lunar base’ and the cabeus crater, a place where ice cubes have been located.

The robot transported ice cubes from the crater to a water purifier at the human settlement on the lunar base. Later, Helium 3, a valuable metal was also transported in a similar manner. The robot then successfully completed a few other missions, including movement on difficult terrain and then went back to its base.

Athmika said that all of them were studying robotics at a private institute for the last two years. They came to know about the competition six months ago and decided to participate. The first phase of the competition was held in August, where they sent a video recording of a presentation pertaining to the moon and robotics. They came within the top 30 of more than 120 participants.

C Santhkumar from Big Bodhi institute, one of their teachers, said that the competition has helped his students improve their understanding of various aspects of robotics. They took about two months to develop their project. The competition finishes on November 18. The winners will be given a chance to present their project to scientists at NASA( National Aeronautics and Space Administration ), he said.

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