Now, ATMs that Scan Your Hand to Shell out Cash

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Now, ATMs that Scan Your Hand to Shell out Cash

Forgot your ATM card at home? No worries, this Japanese machine will scan your hand and give cash.

A regional bank in Japan on Wednesday started operating ATMs for cash withdrawals, deposits and balance inquiries that do not require plastic cards but instead identify account holders by scanning their hands. Account holders using the service offered by Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank based in Gifu Prefecture are required to input their birthday, place their palm on the sensor and input a PIN at an automated teller machine, Kyodo News agency reported.

Registration is required at a teller counter beforehand and the bank said customers may access their accounts even if they lose cards or passbooks after a major disaster, for instance. The service was offered at the bank’s Hashima city branch in the prefecture and at a vehicle – mounted “mobile branch” that is typically used in time of a disaster. The bank is planning to expand the service to include 18 outlets in Gifu, Aichi, Mie and Shiga prefectures tomorrow.

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