Now, a Breath Test to Detect TB in Minutes

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Now, a Breath Test to Detect TB in Minutes

Scientists have developed a simple breath test which they claim can diagnose lung infections such as Tuberculosis in minutes instead of weeks.

Researchers managed to identify the ‘fingerprints’ of different types and strains of bacteria by testing the breath of mice, the Daily Mail reported.

“Traditional methods employed to diagnose bacterial infections of the lung require the collection of a sample that is then used to grow bacteria,” Jane Hill, one of the US scientists from the University of Vermont, said.

“The isolated colony of bacteria is then biochemically tested to classify it and to see how resistant it is to antibiotics,” Hill said.

“This whole process can take days for some of the common bacteria and even weeks for the causative agent for tuberculosis. Breath analysis would reduce the time – to – diagnosis to just minutes,” Hill said.

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