Now Solving Sudoku Just got Easier

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Now Solving Sudoku Just got Easier

For those who struggle to solve a sudoku puzzle, scientists have come to your rescue!

Researchers at University of Notre Dame have developed a mathematical algorithm that solves sudoku puzzles very quickly, without any guessing or backtracking. Researchers, Zoltan Toroczka and Maria Ercsey – Ravasz, however, cannot only explain why some sudoku puzzles are harder than others.

Toroczkai and Ercsey-Ravasz from Romanias Babes – Bolyai University, began studying sudoku as part of their research into the theory of optimization and computational complexity.

They note that most sudoku enthusiasts use what is known as a “brute force” system to solve problems, combined with a good deal of guessing.

Brute force systems essentially deploy all possible combinations of numbers in a sudoku puzzle until the correct answer is found. While the method is successful, it is also time consuming.

Instead, Toroczkai and Ercsey – Ravasz have proposed a universal analog algorithm that is completely deterministic ( no guessing or exhaustive searching ) and always arrives at the correct solution to a problem, and does so much more quickly.

They discovered that the time it took to solve a problem with their analog algorithm correlated with the difficulty of the problem as rated by human solvers.

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