Raijin Australia’s most Powerful Super Computer

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Raijin : Australia’s most Powerful Super Computer

Australia unveiled its most powerful super computer Raijin in Canberra on 31st July, 2013. Raijin, is named after the Japanese God of thunder and rain. It did cost 45.2 million US dollars to build and will cost 10.85 million US dollars a year to run.

Raijin is considered the 27th most powerful computer in the world. The supercomputer can perform the same number of calculations in one hour that 7 billion people with calculators could perform in 20 years. Raijin forms a part of the new National Computational Infrastructure ( NCI ) facility at the campus. The computer itself is bigger than the size of a house.

Features of Raijin Super Computer

The key features of Raijin are as following :

  • It has 57000 processing cores which is something like 15000 ordinary personal computers.
  • It has 160 terabytes of memory which is equal to memory of 40000 ordinary PCs together.
  • It has 10000 terabytes of disk which is like 10000 ordinary PCs.

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