Recent Air India Losses

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Recent Air India losses

Despite all the efforts made by the government to revive ailing Air India, the losses of the company have been constantly mounting. Since the five – year – old merger of Air India with Indian Airlines the collective losses of the company from 2007 – 08 to 2011 – 12 pegged at 28046 crore rupees. The data holds great significance as it was revealed by none other than the Union Aviation Ministry itself in the Parliament.

The company had registered 2226 crore rupees loss in 2007 – 08. In year 2008 – 09 the figure shot up to 5548 crore rupees. The loss figure kept rising as in 2009 – 10, 2010 – 11 and 2011 – 12 it stood at 5552 crore rupees, 6865 crore rupees and 7854 crore rupees.

Air India and Indian Airlines were merged in 2007 and subsequently a new entity National Aviation Company was formed. The merger which was aimed at reducing the financial losses and improve the quality of service of both the carriers did not work out rather it created more trouble for the already ailing companies. With the merger several new administrative and managerial issues surface which were not taken into account while government was contemplating merger. In stead of the loss figure coming down it climbed up significantly over the past five years making all the government attempts to revive the airline futile.

India aviation industry has been passing through a period of grave economic crisis as most of the aviation companies including the big private carriers like Kingfisher and Jet Airways are facing a mounting loss. The aviation industry has been vociferously demanding the entry for the foreign carriers but the government has so far been quite reluctant in entertaining their demand. Though the Union Civil Aviation Minister Ajeet Singh has repeatedly put his view through that the era of national carriers have gone, the government is still in the state of dilemma over any such harsh decision. Notwithstanding the massive loss the national airline has incurred, the government is trying hard to set the things right.

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