Scientists Aim to Mimic Black Holes in UK Laboratory

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Scientists Aim to Mimic Black Holes in UK Laboratory

Scientists in the UK are attempting to mimic black holes in a laboratory to understand how matter and energy interact. A team at Heriot – Watt University in Edinburgh will produce laser pulses whose energy is measured in trillions of watts, The Independent said. The laser pulses will be used to simulate conditions found around a black hole as part of a 2.35 million project.

Black hole is a region of spacetime where gravity is so strong that light cannot escape and the normal laws of physics break down. “What we are creating is the same space – time structure which characterizes a black hole. But we are doing this with a light pulse, so we don’t actually have the mass which is associated with them. Gravitational black holes are generated by a collapsing star. We don’t actually have that so there’s no danger of being sucked into black holes,” Daniele Faccio, the lead scientist, said.

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