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Virat Kohli Appointed as BSF Brand Ambassador

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli was appointed as the brand ambassador of the Border Security Force ( BSF ) on 22nd September, 2013. It is important to note that any central force in India has appointed its brand ambassador.

  • BSF is the Second Largest Paramilitary Force of India that guards two crucial Indian borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Virat Kohli was roped in for bolstering the appeal of 2.5 lakh personnel capable strong BSF. BSF director general Subhas Joshi explained that he was appointed as the brand ambassador because his name ( Vira ) meant huge and symbolised the force.

Virat Kohli was honoured in the presence of Minister of State for Home Affairs R.P.N. Singh. The BSF director general, in the meanwhile, also explained that Virat Kohli’s association with BSF will play a key role in enhancing the public image of BSF.

Virat Kohli is the 25 year old cricketer who made his debut in the year 2011 in the Test series against the West Indies.

About the Border Security Force

The Border Security Force ( BSF ), a border patrol agency of the Government of India was established on 1st December, 1965. BSF is a component of the paramilitary forces of India ( PMF ) and its primary role is to guard India’s international borders during peacetime as well as prevent transnational crime.

The BSF is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The BSF, apart from ensuring the border security, also has the responsibility of conducting the anti – Naxal operations in India as well as playing roles in maintenance of the internal security.

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