World Suicide Prevention Day Observed in India

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World Suicide Prevention Day Observed in India

World Suicide Prevention Day will be observed on September 10th to provide global commitment and action to prevent suicides. This year’s theme is ‘suicide prevention across the globe : strengthening protective factors and instilling hope.’

The International Association For Sucide Prevention ( IASP ) collaborates with the World Health Organization ( WHO ) and the World Federation for Mental Health, to host World Suicide Prevention Day. Such an event provides a platform to organizations, government agencies and individuals to promote awareness about suicide, mental illnesses associated with it, and basically focusing on suicide prevention.

For providing psychological guidance, a counselling centre for suicide prevention – Puduyugam – was started in Madurai last year with leading mental health experts, psychiatrists and counsellors coming together to counsel susceptible persons. According to a press release here on Sunday, Tamil Nadu ranks next to Bangalore in suicide rate and people between the age group 15 to 29 are developing suicidal tendency.

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