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International Dates & Events Sep 2011

International Dates and Events in August 2011

1. Bangladesh and India have signed an important border management agreement to reduce incidents of killings and crime along the common frontier. The border guards of the two countries would exchange information on vulnerable areas to ensure joint patrolling in a coordinated manner. The Coordinated Border Management Plan ( CBMP ) was signed in the presence of Home Minister R Chidambaram and his Bangladesh counterpart Shahara Khatoon in Dhaka on 30th July, 2011.

2. The US Senate on 2nd August, 2011 approved legislation to avert’ a disastrous debt default and cut trillions in government spending, sending the contentious bill to the President, Barack Obama to sign into law. Lawmakers voted 74 – 26 to pass the measure which cleared the House of Representatives by an overwhelming 269 – 161 margin on August with just hours to spare before a midnight deadline. The bill raises the debt limit by up to $2.4tn from $14.3tn, and makes savings of at least $2.1tn in 10 years.

3. An Atlas V rocket with the Juno spacecraft lifted off on a five – year journey to Jupiter on 5th August, 2011. The unmanned satellite observatory shot into space from the Cape Canaveral Air.

Force Station in Florida. Once it arrives in July 2016, the spacecraft will orbit the poles of the gas giant, which has more than twice the mass of all planets in the solar system combined and is believed to be the first planet that took shape around the Sun.

4. From AAA to AA+ : Standard & Poor’s removed the U.S. Government from its list of risk – free borrowers for the first time on 12th August, 2011. The company, one of three major agencies that offer advice to investors in debt securities, said it was cutting its rating of long – term federal debt to AA+, one notch below the top grade of AAA. “The downgrade reflects our view that the effectiveness, stability, and predictability of American policymaking and political institutions have weakened at a time of ongoing fiscal and economic challenge. General Studies Question Bank CD

5. China’s first aircraft carrier set out on a sea trial on 10th August, 2011 from the port of Dalian, its first journey under the Chinese flag. The People’s Liberation Army ( PLA ) Navy ship is a former Soviet Navy aircraft carrier that has been refitted for its new role as a platform for research and training. The ship, formerly named Varyag, is an Admiral Kuznetsov Class aircraft carrier completed in 1992. Currently, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Spain, Italy, India, Brazil and Thailand operate the 21 active – service aircraft carriers.

6. China on 12th April, 2011 put into orbit Pakistan’s first communications satellite from its launch centre in western Sichuan province, marking a deepening in technological cooperation between the close allies and a milestone for the country’s fast – growing commercial satellite industry. The PAKSAT – 1R satellite, carried into orbit by a Long March – 3B carrier rocket, has 30 transponders on board and will provide services including broadband Internet, telecom and broadcasting covering South Asia, Europe, West Asia and eastern Africa. The PAKSAT – 1R satellite was China’s first “in – orbit delivery” for an Asian country, as well as the country’s first commercial satellite export this year. China has also launched its own global navigation system, called Compass or Beidou, similar to the American – developed Global Positioning System ( GPS ) and Russia’s GLONASS ( globed navigation system ).

7. Lobsang Sangay, a 43 – year – old Harvard scholar, was sworn in as the Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government – in – exile at Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh on 8th August, 2011 replacing the Dalai Lama as the movement’s political leader. Though Sangay, elected in April, has publicly backed the Dalai Lama’s policy of seeking “meaningful autonomy” for Tibet under Chinese rule, but his age and former membership of the pro – independence Tibetan Youth Congress has fuelled speculation that he may harbour a more radical agenda.

8. Bangladesh and India on 26th August, 2011 signed joint border maps, finalising the 4,156 km – long frontier between the neighbours. The longstanding border – related discord between the two nations was settled through the signing of the maps. General Studies Question Bank CD

9. The 32 nd meeting of Asia – Pacific Advanced Network ( APAN ), the first ever in South Asia, was organised in New Delhi from 22nd August, 2011 to 26th August, 2011. ERNET India in association with National Knowledge Network ( NKN ) and with the support of Department of Information Technology, Government of India organised the meeting.

10. Yoshihiko Noda of Democratic Party of Japan ( DPJ ) was elected Prime Minister of Japan by both houses of Parliament on 30th August, 2011. He is the sixth Prime Minister in five years. The outgoing Finance Minister takes the place of his party colleague Naoto Kan, who resigned after just 15 months in office.

11. The Australian city of Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city according to the annual Globed Liveability Survey unveiled on 30th August, 2011. The cities were assessed in five categories – stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. The Economist Intelligence Unit, which carried out the survey, said scores in Europe had been pushed slightly down by the eurozone crisis, while the Arab Spring had affected ratings across the Middle East and North Africa. MOST LIVEABLE CITIES 2011: 1: Melbourne 2: Vienna 3: Vancouver 4: Toronto 5: Calgary 6: Sydney 7: Helsinki 8: Perth 9: Adelaide 10: Auckland. Harare, Port Moresby and Dhaka occupied the bottom of the table.

12. India and South Africa on 29th August, 2011 decided to increase two – way trade between both countries to $15 billion by 2014 from $10.64 billion while concluding the India – South Africa CEOs Forum. This was the second meeting of the forum. The first one was held in Johannesburg last year, where five sector – specific working groups were created to ensure seamless trade and business transaction between both countries. The forum is co – chaired by Ratan Tata from India and Patrice Motsepe from South Africa.

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