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Goa Chief Minister Digambar Kamat Biography

The constant chief minister of the Indian State of Goa is Digambar V. Kamat Digambar Kamat, a politician of Goa presently serves as the Chief Minister of the state. This senior politician headed up several ministries in the state.

In the outgoing government headed by Pratapsinh Rane the 54 Year old Mr Kamat was minister for power, mines, art and culture. For two terms Digambar Kamat held the same portfolios in the BJP government headed by Manohar Parrikar.

In the year 1994 Digambar Kamat quitted the Indian National Congress and joined BJP. Digambar Kamat joined Congress in the year 2005 after departing from Bharatiya Janata Party. Digambar Kamat was unanimously chosen as the leader of Congress Legislature Party at its meeting in Panaji.

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The urban assembly constituency of Margao has always been presented by him. After the 2007 elections, when the Congress had the numbers to form a government, Digambar Kamat’s name was a compromise choice due to the battle between the state Congress chief, Ravi Naik, and the sitting Chief Minister, Pratapsing Rane.
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On July 25th, 2007, Kamat’s government fell into crisis, as it appeared to not have a majority after resignations and alliance break – up’s.

Digambar V. Kamat was born on 8th March, 1954 to father Vasant Kamat at Margao – Goa. Digambar Kamat graduated in Science and by profession Digambar Kamat is Businessman and Real Estate Developer.

Digambar Kamat was conferred the COSAMB which is the award for improving human life and spectacular performance and endeavor to the Agricultural Marketing in the State and the Country by National Council of State Agricultural Marketing Board, New Delhi.

The Government of Goa also awarded him, the Bakshi Jivabadada Kerkar State Award.

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