Indian Art Cinema

Indian Art Cinema Indian art movies differ sharply from popular films. They are realistic, often ethnographic, and they seek to capture important aspects of Indian reality. By and large, they avoid glamour and glitz and use cinema as an artistic medium capable of exploring important areas of Indian experience. They are usually low budget and […]

Tamil Cinema

Tamil Cinema – Tamil Cinema History – Kollywood Film Industry – Growth of Tamil Cinema.

Indian Documentary Channels

Indian Documentary Channels List, Indian Documentary Channels Names, Indian Documentary Channels Programs, Animal Planet Channel, Discovery Channel India, Discovery Channel Documentaries India

Indian Commercial Cinema

Indian Commercial Cinema – Origin of Indian Cinema – Indian Cinema Journey – Current Affairs in India

Rajasthani Folk Music

Rajasthani Folk Music – Rajasthani Folk Music Instruments – Types of Rajasthani Folk Music.

Indian Sports Channel

Indian Sports Channel Online, Indian Sports Channel Schedule, Indian Sports Channel Live, Indian Sports Channel, Indian Sports News Channel, Indian National Sports Channel, Espn Sports Channel India, Indian Star Sports Channel

Star Plus Channel

Star Plus Star Plus is one of the most watched Hindi entertainment channels in India. The programming of Star Plus contains great diversity ranging from daily serials, reality shows to Bollywood movies. The programs of Star Plus are categorized among the top 40 programs of the country. Prime time programs on Star Plus consistently outperform […]

Qawwali Music

Qawwali Music – Qawwali Music History – Qawwali Music in India – Current Affairs in India

Indian Puppet Theatre

Indian Puppet Theatre, Indian Puppet Theatre History, Indian Shadow Puppet Theatre, Indian Puppet Dance, Indian Puppet Theatre, Types of Puppet Theatre, Indian Puppet Theatre Facts

Traditional Indian Music

Traditional Indian Music – Traditional Indian Music Origin – Traditional Indian Music History – Current Affairs in India.

Bengali Theatre

Bengali Theatre Bengali theatre, initially, developed as a protest against the administration of British Empire, and later became a major form of art among the people of Bengal. Theatre in Indian under British rule, sowed the seed of contemporaneousness which, gained a rather articulate contour in the hands of the famous theatre personalities if West […]

Carnatic Music

Carnatic Music – Carnatic Music Elements – History of Carnatic Music – Current Affairs in India

Prithvi Theatre

Prithvi Theatre Festival, Prithvi Theatre Mumbai, Prithvi Theatre Location, Prithvi Theatre, Prithvi Theatre History, Prithvi Theatre Address, Prithvi Theatre Events, Prithvi Theatre Tickets Online

Ghazal Music

Ghazal Music Types – Ghazal Music Themes – Ghazal Music Forms -| Ghazal Music in India –

Indian Music

Indian Music – Indian Music Elements – Indian Classical Music – Indian Music Culture – Current Affairs in India.

Indian Theatre

Indian Theatre List, Indian Theatre Names, Indian Theatre History, Types of Indian Theatre, Best Indian Theatre, Theatres in India, Music Indian Theatre, Indian Theatre Information

Marathi Drama and Theatre

Marathi Drama and Theatre Marathi drama and theatre are active in form from the middle of the 19th century and it is continuing till date. After Bengali drama in India Marathi drama is considered as most important. Marathi Theatre is an art form considered to very rich aspect in Indian culture. Marathi theatre rose in […]

Elements of Drama

Elements of Drama The elements of drama mainly includes Thought, Theme, Ideas, Action or Plot, Characters, Language, Music, Spectacle and many others. Drama on stage often reflects the drama of daily life, but it also concentrates on life and holds it up for examination. Readers of the play need to imagine, not just feelings or […]

Musical Instruments in India

Musical Instruments in India

Sports and Entertainment in India

Sports and Entertainment in India. sports types,

History of Indian Cinema Industry

History of Indian Cinema Industry

Adventure and Recreation in India

Adventure and Recreation in India, Adventure of india, recreation in india

Indian Dance Drama and Music

Music Dance and Drama in India – Indian Dance Drama – Indian Music Types – Indian Music History – Indian Dance List – Indian Drama – Indian Drama Names.

Cultural Activities in India

Cultural Activities in India – Indian Cultural Academy – National Academy of India – Sangeet Natak Academy – Sahitya Academy of India – Lalit Kala Academy in India – Cultural Activities List

Cinema Awards in India

Cinema Awards in India – National Awards for Cinema in India – Awards for Cinema – Dada Saheb Phalke Award – Bharat Award in India – Swarna Kamal Award in India – Directorate of Film Festivals in India

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