Adventure and Recreation in India

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Adventure and Recreation in India

Adventure Sports in India is fastest gaining grounds as one of the popular modes of recreation in India. The geographical distribution of India allows people to practice several types of adventure sports. India has a huge diversity in terms of geography and thus experiences every possible form of land and water under the sun. Some of the prominent adventures and recreation in India are being discussed.


The peaks of the Himalayas are a hot favorite among the trekkers not only from India but people from all round the globe. Mountaineering gets a new dimension with climbing the hilly terrains of Himalayas and earns huge recognition worldwide. Apart from the mighty Himalayas there are many other hilly terrains in the country that offer locale for practicing the sport. The Western Ghats, terrains of the north east of India are also considered as ideal to pursue the sport.


Hiking is another adventure sports that are becoming popular among the Indians. There are several hilly terrains in India to offer good scope of hiking for the hikers. There are several organizations in the country offering professional assistance for hiking and thus the tourists can be utmost safe while experiencing the nature so closely.

Wildlife Safaris in India
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The world has woken up to the need and importance of conservation of the natural resources and wildlife. The diversity of the flora and fauna in the country has made it subject of study for the environmentalists round the globe. There are many National Parks, Wildlife sanctuaries and Forest Reserves built and promoted by the Government of India with the help of the Non Governmental Organization. Some of the popular national parks in the country are Corbett National park, Sunderbans National Parks, Kanha National Park and several other parks provides the perfect locale to practice the sport.

Deserts Safaris

The Thar Desert in India is among the largest deserts in the world. Exploring the place involves a lot of thrill. Desert Safari as an adventure is fast catching the imagination of the people. Since there are very few countries with a desert in their geography thus the desert of India in the state of Rajasthan becomes more exclusive.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting is very popular among the adventures and recreations in India. As half of the Indian land is surrounded by the water bodies therefore availability of the location is in abundance. There are oceans, seas, lakes and other form of water bodies throughout India that promotes the sports in a great way.

Adventures and Recreations in India is a booming industry with many of the players joining the bandwagon.

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