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Star Plus is one of the most watched Hindi entertainment channels in India. The programming of Star Plus contains great diversity ranging from daily serials, reality shows to Bollywood movies. The programs of Star Plus are categorized among the top 40 programs of the country. Prime time programs on Star Plus consistently outperform other cable and satellite channels with the most popular programs having huge viewer ship.

History of Star Plus

Star Plus was one of the first private TV channels to be launched in India in the year 1991. It has become immensely popular among the audiences here. It has been rated as one of the top entertainment channels of India. Star Plus is also available in other countries like Hong Kong, Middle East, Singapore, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Prime time programs on Star Plus are very popular recording more than 50 percent of the total viewer ship counts in the entertainment market. Star Plus dominates every entertainment genre and time band across the day. Today over 65 million viewers tune – in to Star Plus every week and spend huge time on this channel as compared to other entertainment channels.

Programs of Star Plus
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The programming of Star Plus consists of family dramas reality shows, quiz shows as well as Bollywood movies. The channel is also known for bringing in a revolution in the Indian television world with new shows in the year 2000. The core audience for Star Plus has always been women, but they have also produced programs that would interest kids and men as well. Almost all the shows of Star Plus are popular among the viewers. Interestingly, the actors of the different serials of Star Plus are recognized by their screen names itself and not by their real names.

Star Plus was an English language television channel showing international content from US, UK and Australia, with Zee TV being the only Hindi language channel. However, after STAR ( subsequently acquired by News Corporation ) ended its relationship with Zee TV, Star Plus was transformed into a 24 hour Hindi language channel, with STAR World becoming the network`s English language channel. Star Plus has been rated as the best entertainment channel and has also walked away with the 2006 Indian Telly awards. Star Plus has redefined Hindi entertainment world with its versatile programming line – up that includes popular soaps, drama series, serials, game shows, comedy, music – based shows, travel shows, cookery, and blockbuster movies. In a country, where most households have only one television set, Star Plus continues to be the obvious favourite channel among kids and also adults, owing to its huge dominance.

After the Star Plus Parivaar Awards show the channel on 14th June, 2010 unveiled its new logo. The logo is aesthetically coloured having ruby coloured star with patent swoosh in white colour, with a newly designed font. The new colour adds value and enhances the look of the channel. The new design has the theme “Rishta Wahi Soch Nayi” On 14th June, 2010, following the Star Plus Parivaar Awards, Star Plus revealed its new logo. The new logo is ruby – coloured star with the trademark swoosh in white and the name of the channel in a new font. The new colour is a key component of the channel. The new theme is “Rishta Wahi Soch Nayi” meaning the relationships are still the same but our thoughts are new. The Star Plus HD along with Star Movies HD, Star Gold HD and Star World HD was launched on 15th April, 2011. The channels actually carry the same schedule and timing like the Star Plus India, of course with different logo and commercial feeds.

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