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Indian Politician Feroze Gandhi Biography
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Feroze Gandhi a well-known politician was the member of the constituent assembly of India.

Feroze Gandhi was born on 12 August 1912.He belonged to a Parsi family.He took his early education from City Anglo-Vernacular High School. Feroze Gandhi graduated from Ewing Christian College. After that he moved to England and got admitted to London School of Economics.

Feroze Gandhi  gave up studies and returned to India to participate in the Indian Freedom Struggle in 1930. Feroze Gandhi had close relationship with Nehru family and visited Europe with the family so many times.

At that time, Feroze Gandhi came close with Nehru`s daughter Indira Gandhi and fell in love with her. Feroze Gandhi married Indira in 1942.After six months of their marriage, Feroze Gandhi was arrested and imprisoned for a year in Allahabad`s Naini Central Prison for his active participation in the Quit India Movement.On his release, he became the editor of a newspaper.

The National Herald which was earlier founded and edited by Jahwarlal Nehru.After independene, Feroze elected to the Lokh Sabha, the lower house of Parliament in 1952.He established himself as a famous Parliamentarian and was re elected in the next election. In 1960 Feroze Gandhi died of a heart attack.

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