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  • Antarctica is regulated by the Antarctic Treaty System, which defines it as all land and ice shelves south of 60°S, and has no government and belongs to no country.
  • However, eight territorial claims are maintained by seven different states (Argentina: Argentine Antarctica; Australia: Australian Antarctic Territory; Chile: Antártica; France: Adélie Land; New Zealand: Ross Dependency; Norway: Peter I Island and Queen Maud Land; United Kingdom: British Antarctic Territory) and one state has asserted an unofficial claim (Brazil: Brazilian Antarctica), with the rest of Antarctica unclaimed (Marie Byrd Land).

Moreover, the following dependent territories are situated in the wider Antarctic Region :

Country or territory Capital Status
Bouvet Island Territory of Norway
French Southern Territories [Antarctica 1]
Alfred Faure (Crozet Islands) Port-aux-Français (Kerguelen Islands) Martin-de-Viviès (Saint Paul and Amsterdam Islands)
Overseas territory of France
Heard Island and McDonald Islands External territory of Australia
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands [Antarctica 2]
King Edward Point
Overseas territory of the United Kingdom

Notes :

  1. The French Southern Territories, which exclude the Antarctic territorial claim of Adélie Land, are sometimes considered as an African territory, since it is administered from Réunion, and apart from the Kerguelen Islands, lies outside of the wider Antarctic Region.
  2. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands is sometimes considered as a South American territory, since it is administered from the Falkland Islands.

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