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1. It is the smallest continent of the world. It lies entirely in the Southern Hemisphere. The tropic of Capricorn runs almost through the middle of this continent.

2. Australia was discovered by Captain James Cook, an English seaman, in 1770.

3. As Australia lies in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons of Australia are opposite to those of the Northern Hemisphere.

4. Most of the Australia is dry. The Eastern, North-Eastern and South-Western parts of the country come in the way of winds from sea and thus receive heavy rainfall.

5. The Gibson, the Simpson, the Great Victorian and the Great Sandy deserts constitute the Great Australian Desert.

6. The highest peak of Australia is Mt. Koscuisko.

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7. Australia is mainly an agricultural country. Wheat is the most important food crop. A variety of fruits-both temperate and tropical, are also grown.

8. Australia has considerable mineral wealth. It has large reserves of coal, iron-ore, bauxite, manganese and tin. Some petroleum and natural gas is also found.

9. Australia makes several products from its agriculture and animal raw materials. They are cotton and woolen textiles, sugar, condensed and powered milk, butter, cheese and meat.

10. BSc MA PhD: It is an interesting acronym for the clockwise arrangement of the Australian coastal cities. The cities are Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin.

11. Australia has the largest number of sheep in the world. Merino is the most important breed of wool producing sheep.

12. Great Barrier Reef: It is the world’s longest coral reef. It is located in the N.E. of Australia.

13. The Australian States in decreasing order of population is New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia.

14. The largest State of Australia is Western Australia.

15. Australasia stands for Australia and New Zealand.

16. The Australian cities in decreasing order of population are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.

17. Largest lake of Australia is Eyre.

18. The biggest city of New Zealand is Auckland, while the capital is Wellington.

19. The first European to discover New Zealand was Abel Tasman.

20. The highest peak of New Zealand is Mt. Cook.

21. The chief farming region in New Zealand is Canterbury Plain.

22. New Zealand generates 7% of its energy from geo-thermal springs.

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