Earth Eclipses

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Earth Eclipses

Earth Lunar Eclipse

When earth comes between sun and moon.

Occurs only on a full moon day. However, it does not occur on every full moon day because the moon is so small and the plane of its orbit is tilted about 5° with respect to the plane of the earth’s orbit. It is for this reason that eclipses do not occur every month.

Can last up to one hour 40 minutes. The moon does not become completely dark during most lunar eclipses. In many cases, it becomes reddish.The earth’s atmosphere bends part of the sun’s light around the earth and towards the moon.

This light is red because the atmosphere scatters the other colors present in sunlight in greater amounts than it does red.

Earth Solar Eclipse
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When moon comes between sun and earth.

Can be partial or total.

Occurs only on a new moon day when the moon is in line with the sun. However, due to the inclination of the moon’s orbit, a solar eclipse doesn’t occur on every new moon day.

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