Major Ports in India

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Major Ports in India

Major port is one which is capable of accomodating ocean going steamers of a tonnage of 4000 or more and those steamers carrying a minimum trade of 560968000 tonnes annually. The port must have sheltered nature, broadly laid-out channels,docking facilities,transit sheds, railway connections and ability to serve the needs of the hinterland. It must also have facility for satisfying defence requirements. It must be an all-weather port. India ranks 16th in the world in terms of shipping tonnage.
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36. T. & T. V. High School,
Nanpura, Surat.
37. S.G. Dholakiya High School,
1, Manhar Plot,
Near Bus Stop.
38. Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Edu. Board,
Sector 10/B, Near Old Sachivalaya.
39. Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Edu. Board,
Maratha Mahollo,
Near Pumping Station, Ravpura.

Our Constitution says that the responsiblity for major ports vests with the central Government while all the other ports are in the executive jurisdiction of state Governments.

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