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Manipur State in India – Other States in India

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PlanetDistance from Sun (in million km)Diametre (in km)No. of SatellitesRotation PeriodRevolution Period
Mercury5.794878058.65 days88 days
Venus10.82121020257days225 days
Earth14.9612755123 hrs, 56 min, 40.91 sec365 days, 5 hrs, 48 min, 45.51 sec
Mars22.7967872Almost 24 hrs687 days
Jupiter77.83142800639.8 hrs12 years
Saturn142.701205006010.3.hrs29 years
Uranus287.96514002710.8 days84 years
Neptune497.06486001315.7 days165 years
  • Agriculture is the major source of livelihood for the people.
  • It is known for its rich bio – diversity having a number of rare plants, trees and wildlife.

General Studies Question Bank CD

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