South America Continent Countries

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South America Continent Countries

  1. The major part of Canada has Taiga and Tundra types of climate. Wheat is the most important crop here.
  2. It is the fourth largest continent of the Earth. It is situated west of Atlantic Ocean, East of Pacific Ocean, South of North America and North of Antarctica.
  3. The longest mountain ranges of the world, Andes, are located on the western coast of South America.
  4. The largest river of the world, Amazon, flows through South America.
  5. The highest waterfalls of the world, Angel Falls, are in Venezuela in South America. They are on Orinoco River.
  6. The highest freshwater lake of the world, Titicaca, is in Bolivia in South America.
  7. Major deserts are Atacama in Chile and Patagonia in Argentina.
  8. Llanos and Campos are the Savanna grasslands in South America.
  9. Selvas are the equatorial rainforests of Amazon basin.
  10. Cinchona trees are found in South America which are used to make quinine, the medicine used to cure Malaria.
  11. Though the official language in most of the countries is Spanish, the official language of Brazil is Portuguese.
  12. Countries in descending order of size are Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Columbia, etc.
  13. Countries in descending order of population are Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, Peru, etc.
  14. Trans-Andean railways connect Buenos Aires and Valpariso.
  15. The highest peak of South America is Mt. Aconcagua (6959 m.).
  16. Kourou, the French satellite launching station, is in French Guyana in South America.
  17. Driest place on earth is Iqique in Atacama Desert, Chile.

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Continent Brazil

  • It is the 5th largest country in the world in terms of population and also in terms of area. It is about 2.5 times the size of India.
  • Brasilia is its capital while Rio-de-Janeiro is the largest city.
  • Brazil is also known as the ‘Coffee Pot of the World’, because it is the largest producer of coffee.
  • Brazil has the world’s largest reserves of iron ore in Serra dos Carajas hills.
  • Most mineral rich state of Brazil is Minas Gerais.
  • Brazil is the only country through which both equator and one of the tropics (Tropic of Capricorn) passes.
  • Brazil is the homeland of Rubber.

Argentina Continent

  • It is the second largest country of South America.
  • Buenos Aires is its capital.
  • Christianity and Judaism are the major religions while Spanish is the major language.

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