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Volume10,83,20,88,40,000 kg3
Distance from Moon3,82,200 Kilometers
Highest place on EarthMount Everest (8,850 m)
Deepest point in OceanChallenger Deep in Mariana Trench in Pacific Ocean near Philippines (11,033 m deep)
Deepest point on LandDead Sea (396 m deep)
Rotation time23 hrs, 56 min, 40.91 sec
Revolution time365 days, 5 hrs, 48 min, 45.51 sec
Satellite1 (Moon)
Tilt of axis from Orbital Plane23° 27
Distance from Sun 14,94,07,000 Kilometers
Equatorical circumference40,075 Kilometers
Polar circumference40,024 Kilometers
Average Ocean depth3,554 m
Date of perihelion (minimum distance from Sun)Jan 3
Date of aphelion (maximum distance from Sun)July 4
Orbital circumference 924,375,700 Kilometers
Average Orbital speed29.783 Kilometers/sec. (107,218 Kilometers/h)
Minimum surface temperature88° C
Mean surface temperature14° C
Maximum surface temperature58° C
  • UP is India’s most populous State and only 5 nations including India itself have more people than UP.
  • About 78% of the population depends on agriculture.
  • U.P. is the largest producer of food grains, sugarcane and oilseed.
  • Small scale cottage industries are spread through – out in UP.

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