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West Bengal State in India – Other States in India

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BranchConcerning Field
AeronauticsScience of Flight of Airplanes
AstronomyStudy of Heavenly Bodies
AgronomyScience dealing with Crop Plants
AngiologyDeals with the Study of Blood Vascular System
AnthologyStudy of Flowers
AnthropologyStudy of Apes and Man
ApicultureHoney Industry (Bee Keeping)
AraneologyStudy of Spiders
BatracologyStudy of Frogs
BiochemistryDeals with the Study of Chemical Reactions in Relation to Life Activities
BiotechnologyDeals with the use of Micro - Organism in Commercial Processes for Producing
fine Chemicals such as Drugs, Vaccines, Hormones, etc, on a Large Scale
CardiologyStudy of Heart
CraniologyStudy of Skills
  • Agriculture is the mainstay of economy. It is the largest producer of rice in the country.
  • Tea and jute industry are also important. Apart from these small-scale cottage industries are also spread.
  • Kolkata-Haldia is the major port in West Bengal.
  • West Bengal has been ruled by the CPI (M) led Left Front for three decades, making it the world’s longest running democratically elected communist government.

General Studies Question Bank CD

Special Category Status

  • This status is conferred on those States which are economically backward and geographically disadvantageous.
  • Under this category, the States are eligible for Central Assistance in the form of 90% grants and only 10% loans.
  • Till date, 11 States have been given this status.

They are :

  1. Assam
  2. Nagaland
  3. Jammu and Kashmir
  4. Himachal Pradesh
  5. Manipur
  6. Meghalaya
  7. Tripura
  8. Sikkim
  9. Arunachal Pradesh
  10. Mizoram
  11. Uttarakhand

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