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Srichand, Ashok , Prakash and Gopichand are the famous Hinduja brothers, acclaimed fame in the world scenario.
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In India, there are few Indian business families who have gained prestige in the worldly arena. Amongst all, The Hinduja brothers deserve to be special mentioning. Srichand (SP), Gopichand(GP) , Ashok (AP) and Prakash (PP) are the famous Hinduja brothers. Srichand was born on 28 November in the year 1935 , while Gopichand was born on 29th February of the year 1940.

Hinduja brothers have settled down in various places of the world. To take for example , Prakash is based on Geneva and Ashok is also based in the Mumbai city. The rest of the brothers like Srichand and Gopichand have been shifted to London in the year 1979 to expand the export business of their father.

Afterwards, the Hinduja brothers achieved grand successes and are now expected to be the most triumphant `self-made` Indian migrants in the heartland of Britain.

The Hinduja brothers have got involvement in numerous businesses that have the basis in several regions of the world. Even in several lucrative areas like global financing, Telecommunications, Movies the Hinduja brothers have got `stakes`. Kumbat is the name of the `Mauritius-based company` of this renowned group of the Hinduja brothers.
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In fact over the years, the contribution of the Hinduja brothers in the business as well as in other arenas of the society is quite significant. As per the reliable source, through out the world, the Hinduja Foundations have significantly contributed to several charities.

The most significant is that the Hinduja brothers have duly contributed an amount of four million dollars to the University of Cambridge in order to pay for scholarships for the poor students . Not only that, the Hinduja brothers also invested expensive and worth amount to the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The Hinduja brothers have opened up the flagship company of India , which is called the Ashok Leyland. This company of Hinduja brothers has proclaimed the agreement of supplying hundred vehicles to the Defence Ministry of the Sudan.

So much so, that the four Hinduja brothers even developed one of the most expensive and highly coveted properties which has been owned by the Queen herself. The Hinduja brothers also paid an amount of `£58 million` for a lease of hundred years on the sixty-roomed property at `Carlton House Terrace on the Mall`. Not only that, the Hinduja brothers are planning to invest a lump sum of `£40 million to 50 million` transforming it in order to make use of their `joint families`.

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