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Jahangir Emperor :: List of Mughal Emperors

History of Jahangir (1605 – 1627) : General Studies Question Bank CD

  • Akbar’s eldest son Salim assumed the title of Nuruddin Muhammad Jahangir and ascended the throne.
  • He mostly lived in Lahore which he adorned with gardens and buildings.
  • But soon, his eldest son Khusro revolted, which was suppressed.
  • The fifth Sikh guru, Guru Arjun Dev, had helped Khusro. So he was also executed after 5 days of torture.
  • Rana Amar Singh (son of Maharana Pratap) of Mewar submitted before Jahangir in 1615. Rana’s son Karan Singh was made a mansabdar in the Mughal court.
  • Faced a formidable opponent in Malik Amber in his expedition to Ahmednagar.
  • His greatest failure was the loss of Kandahar to Persia in 1622.
  • The most important event in Jahangir’s life was his marriage to Mehr – un – Nisa, the widow of Sher Afghani in 1611. The title of Nur Jahan was conferred on her.
  • She had great influence on Jahangir’s life, as she was given the status of Padshah Begum, coins were struck in her name and all royal farmans beared her name.
  • She got high positions for her father (Itmad – ud – daulah), and her brother (Asaf Khan). She married Asaf’s daughter, Mumtaz Mahal to Khurram (later, Shahjahan). This cemented the alliance between Nurjahan, her father, Asaf Khan and Khurram.
  • This alliance practically ruled the empire for 10 years. Problem arose when Nur Jahan married her daughter by Sher Afghani to Jahangir’s youngest son, Shahryar. Now Nur Jahan supported him for the heir – apparent.
  • All these events hampered the military events for the recovery of Kandhar.
  • Had a chain of justice outside his palace in Agra (called Zanzir – i – Adil). He also laid a number of gardens, such as the Shalimar and Nishat gardens in Kashmir.
  • Captain Hawkins (1608 – 11) and Sir Thomas Roe (1615 – 1619) visited his court. Due to the efforts of Sir Thomas Roe English factories were established at Surat and some other places.
  • Pietra Valle, famous Italian traveler came during his reign.
  • Tobacco growing started during his reign. It was brought by the Portuguese.

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