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Paintings of Mughal Period :: List of Mughal Emperors

General Studies Question Bank CD Humayun :

He invited 2 Persian artists, Mir Sayyid Ali and Abdus Samad, who became his court painters.

Paintings of Akbar Mughal Empire :

  • Organised painting in imperial karkhanas and also introduced European style.
  • Abdus Samad, Farrukh Beg, Khusro Kuli, Jamshed, Basawan, Daswanth, etc were the prominent painters.
  • Daswanth painted the Razm Namah (Persian Mahabharat).

Mughal Empire Jahangir Paintings :

  • Painting reached its zenith under Jahangir.
  • Special progress was made in portrait painting and painting of animals. Bishan Das was a master of portraits while Ustad Mansur specialised in animal painting.
  • Use of ‘Halo’ or Divine Lights started under Jahangir.

General Studies Question Bank CD

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