Sayyid Dynasty

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History of Sayyid Dynasty

    • Khizr Khan (1414 – 1421) founded the dynasty and claimed to have descended from the prophet of Islam.
    • He helped Timur in his invasion, so he was given the governorship of Lahore, Multan & Dipalpur.
    • When Khizr Khan got possession of Delhi, his position was very weak and he didn’t take up the title of king and contended himself with that of Rayat – i – Ala.
  • The coins were struck and Khutba was read in the name of Timur and after his death in the name of his successor, Shah Rukh.
  • Khizr Khan’s 3 successors – Mubarak Shah (1421 – 33), Muhammad Shah (1434 – 43) and Alauddin Alam Shah (1443 – 51) were incapable leaders.
  • Sayyid dynasty’s 37 Years remained troubled with external invasions, internal chaos, etc.
  • Provided opportunity to Bahlul Lodhi.
  • Yahya – bin – Ahmed – bin – Abdullah – Sirhindi wrote Tarikh – i – Mubarakshahi (history from Mahmud to Muhammad Shah of Sayyid Dynasty).

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